Men’s mind explorer
journey into your mind

Learn to navigate your mental health

I’m very proud of creating the Men’s Mind Explorer – Journey into your mind.

It’s based upon the knowledge and experience I gained to help myself improve and maintain my mental wellbeing, as well as that of many of my patients

Modern understanding is that Mental Health problems are triggered in part by lifestyle factors, which can be modified and improved.

It’s tailored for men who want understanding and empowerment to make change, not just tablets.

This 12-week Programme which will enable you to understand your mental health in detail.  I will give you the essential Backpack items for you to carry with you to help you through the process of improving your mental health by making wise changes to your lifestyle

Course features include:

A free Pre-interview process to check that you are a good match for the course

A full hour long 1:1 assessment with myself to fully understand the issues

1:1 support every 2 weeks, including two 30 minute sesssions to bespoke fit improvements

Empowering interactive action-plan based education sessions to improve your self understnding and knowledge

Please book an enquiry call to see if we are a good fit to work together.

men’s mind gp explorer

JOURNEY into your mind

Meet your guide

Free Initial pre-course call – 15 mins

Week 1 – Navigation – Your story

Pre consultation questionnaire

Week 2a – Campfire chat – What’s happening? – 1 hour

Week 2b – Forest Clearing – Backpack 1 – Change

Initial consultation, understanding the issues, change science & plan

Week 3 – Under the stars – Sleep

Webinar, Q&A

Week 4 – 1:1 Support session – 15 mins

Ongoing help to sustain change

Week 5 – Tranquility – Relaxation & Stress management

Webinar, Q&A

Week 6 – Survival essentals – Backpack (2)1:1 30 mins

Habits, self-awareness and emotional intelligence

Week 7 – Forage and hunt – Gut health and nutrition

Webinar, Q&A

Week 8 – 1:1 support session – 15mins

Ongoing help to sustain change

Week 9 – Nature, Movement, Sunlight

Webinar, Q&A

Week 10 – 1:1 Support session – 15 mins

Ongoing help to sustain change

Week 11 – Why? Social interaction & meaning

Webinar, Q&A

Week 12 – Backpack 3 – Carry only what you need. 1:1 30mins

Positivity, growth and Compounding

Accomplished explorer

Ongoing self care and growth


12 week course as described above – Price on applpication.

My hourly rate outside of the above is £350/hour.

Find out more about me and my journey, which could be similar to you and yours.