with me

You’re unwell. You don’t feel right.  Perhaps angry, withdrawn, tearful, low?

What is this… Depression… Anxiety?  Something else that you can’t describe, but you know it’s not right.

Maybe you’ve sought help before, but it didn’t help.  They didn’t understand, didn’t listen, didn’t get it.  They didn’t get you.

I can help you with common Mental health conditions like Depression, Axniety, Stress and Burnout.

Finding yourself in 3 stages

1. Know yourself

Men’s mental health can be complex.

From a young age, we’re told not to understand ourselves, not to experience emotional difficulty…

As a young boy, you fall and cut your knee
Possible reaction: You hide your emotions, bury them.  Don’t show anyone you’re weak.  You’re told ‘Don’t cry’.

You’re naughty, you’re stupid’ 
Possible reaction: Kids are kids, do things, and pick up labels. They live inside us. This lives on now ‘You’re worthless. What’s the point of living’.

You’re being bullied, or perhaps you’re just miserable, empty. 
Possible reaction: Alcohol will takes away that awful feeling for a little while, let’s have a drink.

All this sits inside you, wanting to be understood, to be accepted.  

But there’s so much more that can make you unwell. Scientific evidence shows how we lead our lives leads to experiencing mental health problems.

You are unique, you need to be heard. Let’s understand together why you are like you are.  

2. Change

  • Let’s talk and help you make steps to get better
  • We’ll make a plan together.  It’s yours.  You will want to do it so you can makes changes your life.
  • I’ll be there for support and encouragement, making sure you’re on track

  • Let’s understand what has made you unwell, and is keeping that way.
  • You’ll be given the tools to follow your progress. 

You likely know what to do to be able to change a lead a healthier, happier life.

The motivation, timing, or reasons for change are individual. People often go back to less helpful habits.

You are not a failure. This is normal. Let’s understand why this happens, and make the changes stick.

3. Live


You understand how changes are made which can help improve your well-being.

You understand yourself and what helps you to be well.

You have a clearer understanding of your mind and body, and the importance of listening.

You are making progress.

You are you.