Men’s Health business courses

Men are at a disadvantage when it comes to health

Men have lower levels of health understanding and are less likely to seek help.

They can use alcohol or drugs to cope with mental health problems.

This affects the workplace with aggression, disruption, time off and loss of skills and experience.

Sadly, death by suicide takes 4,500 men each year in the UK, with ages 40-49 most at risk.

Health needs to be brought to men

As a GP, I was struck by how few men would come and seek help for their health issues.

Stigma meant they often put things off, sometimes until it was too late to help.

I believe we need to go to men in the workplace to offer them education so they’re able to make better choices and overcome the stigma of seeking help.

Men’s Health Business Courses

I’ve created a series of short 1 hour live courses for workplaces to meet the health needs of their male employees.
As a GP and teacher I’m able to help others understand the issues in a clear way

Introduction to Men’s Health

A short introduction to:
Mental health for men
Prostate health
Testicular health
‘Andropause’ (Male menopause)

Mental Health for Men

What is mental health?
How is mental health different for men?
Depression and Anxiety in men
Top tips to improve straightaway

Workplace stress and burnout

What are stress and burnout?
Stress at work is normal, isn’t it?
Improve your stress at work and home

Prostate & testicular health

What’s normal?
What happens as we age?
What should I check out?

‘Andropause’ – the male menopause

Fact or fiction?
The role of Testosterone –
What to look out for

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