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I’m passionate about helping you improve your mental health difficulties and regaining control of your life.

I use scientifically proven lifestyle change approaches for issues like Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Burnout

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Men’s Mental Health can be complicated. But change is always possible.

As a GP, I worked with many different patients. But always, in the back of my mind, was the sense that something was wrong with our system.

The medicine I learned during training was about treating symptoms. Depression and anxiety were treated with antidepressant medication.

Despite this, people like you never seemed to get better, and just took medications throughout their lives.

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My own experiences taught me there’s a better way

When I became unwell with burnout, depression and anxiety, I decided to take a different approach, getting to the root causes of the problems, addressing those, and gaining control of my life.

More about me

Hi, I’m Dr Ed Rainbow

I’m a General Practitioner, Medical Doctor and have practised medicine for over 10 years.

During that time I’ve seen a great many people like you with mental health problems.

Your mental health issues like Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Burnout can be improved with Evidence based Lifestyle change.

It’s time to change

The medical treatment of mental health is out of date. We need a new perspective.

You will be seen as a whole person you are when working with me, not just a diagnosis.

You need help to understand yourself and make changes to your life. Let’s use scientifically proven methods to do this.

I call this approach Know, Change, Live.

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Learn more about new and exciting research, and what this means for people like you with Mental Health difficulties.

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“Dr Rainbow listened to me and gave me a chance to explain  what was going on.  He wasn’t judgemental about my lifestyle.  I really think he has really helped me to change.”

“I must admit I didn’t think it would work but was shocked at the results. I’m back to normality now.”

“Dr Rainbow also took the time to explain evidence based interventions, that could be having a detrimental effect on my mental wellbeing.  I found this approach incredibly helpful, as it empowered me to consider making wider lifestyle choices.”